How Room Escape Games Can Be Used For Team Building

Room escape games aren’t simply for entertainment and fun. Room escape activities are used by several businesses for team building to break down communication barriers that are present within a workplace.

The goal of team building is preparing employees to effectively and collectively solve business problems and to encourage them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the various escape room activities that are both educating and fun at once.

An Exciting Escape Room Game That Can Help With Team Building

Hungry Zombie is the most exciting escape room game. Your team gets locked inside of a room that also has a hungry zombie in it who is tied to a chain. The chain is released in one-foot increments every five minutes, allowing the hungry zombie to move further in order to try and catch you.

This game is played for approximately one hour. By the end of the game, the hungry zombie can reach into each corner in the room. Also, the room is full of clues, and you must solve riddles or puzzles to find the key that goes to the locked door so you and your team members can escape the room.

Participants must do the following to be saved from the hungry zombie and escape the room.


The key to quickly finding the hidden clues is communication. Participants need to work in groups of 2 to 3 people to find the room’s hidden clues. Team members need to be kept informed continuously so that the hidden clues and information can be used for unlocking the hidden key.

The result is the communication between employees is fostered by the escape room game, and they are encouraged to work collectively to escape the room and win the game. The importance of cooperation is also taught by the activity, and the entire team fails without it.

Thinking outside of the box

You are required to think outside of the box when participating in team building games since you haven’t ever experienced it before. It is the right time for unleashing your potential and searching for clues that help you solve riddles and puzzles.

There is a completely different setup with escape room games. In addition to getting you away from your routine office work for a while, the activities also place you in situations where you must make use of the available information, find out what works and seek out ideas and suggestions from your team members.

Follow Or Take The Lead

A level playing field is provided to all by escape room games. A manager is simply a player just like you are. Your leadership potential is unleashed by the team building, and you may need to take a leadership role in some situations to get your team out of the room.

Throughout the game, you might also run into a situation where there is more than one leader. In these situations, members of the team will need to consult and then determine who the leader should be without a conflict being created. Therefore, the team is taught by room escape activities to work together without any arguments over leadership issues being created.

The focus of room escape games is on building team spirit and increasing cooperation where an individual’s duties are not limited to his individual performance. When used properly, escape room games may be utilized for building a team that will solve business problems rationally and work together as a cohesive force.


Guest post from Yanni Bartokomis from Breakout, a Las Vegas Escape Rooms game location.  Besides trying to continuously free himself from locked rooms, he enjoys skydiving and reading old mysteries.  You can find him on Facebook

The Reasons Why Local SEO Is The Best Bang For Your Buck

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One of the most efficient and profitable ways of marketing your business is to use search engine optimization. SEO (search engine optimization) represents a series of strategies that are implemented either by yourself or someone that you hire; that can push your website to the top of the search engine listings. Unlike PPC traffic which will cost you for every click that you receive, once you have obtained a page 1 or top position for multiple keywords, every visitor will essentially be free. There is a cost associated with this type of marketing if you decide to use a professional SEO company to help you achieve top rankings. If you have a local business, here is why a local SEO company might provide you with the best bang for your buck when it comes to ranking for local keywords.

keywords circled on blackboard

Why Are Local Keywords So Easy To Rank For?

The first thing that you should know is that local keywords are very easy to rank for because there is little competition which is particularly the case for cities and towns that have small populations and only a few competitive businesses in each industry. For example, a small town with 10,000 people may only have three plumbers. The competition will be minimal, which means achieving a top position on the search engines is going to be very easy to accomplish. Conversely, in a major city where there are millions of people, it will be tough to achieve a top position when you are up against a multitude of companies trying to rank for the same keywords. However, there is still a way to outrank local businesses that are striving for the top positions in the organic listings. The key is to use a professional search engine optimization company that specializes in ranking local keyword terms.

What Strategies Will They Use?

These companies will use very specific strategies, ones that they repeat for every client that they receive. These plans include on-site and off-site optimization. On-site optimization requires you to add images and videos to every page that you make, and unique content as well. It is also recommended that you interlink every page on your website that is talking about a similar topic, or marketing similar products. Off-site optimization is simply building backlinks which are something that you can do on your own, or you can hire someone to help you accomplish. As long as you have a wide variety of links coming from Web 2.0 properties, social media sites, and even forums, you will start to see a definite improvement in your search engine rankings.

In conclusion, ranking for local keyword terms is very easy to do because of the weak competition. It’s even easier when you work with a local SEO professional that specializes in ranking local keywords. Depending on the size of the city or town that you are living in, and the number of similar businesses, you might be able to rank for hundreds of keywords related to the products or services that you sell in a very short period.

Trophies And Award For Any Event Or Occasion – Including Weddings!

Do you have a sports team you’re a part of, or are there other things people do with you that could be rewarded? A trophy or other kind of award can come in handy. It makes the recipient feel like they accomplished something and is a great motivator.

What kind of categories do you need to get trophies or awards for? If you’re a teacher, you may need some for the best grades or the most improved student of the semester. If you’re a sports team coach, you may want one for the most points in a game or something similar that people can feel good about earning when competing with their teammates. Make sure you come up with categories that mean something, and you can always have awards for everyone just for participating if you think that will boost morale.

Check The Trophy Manufacturer

An example of a custom trophy

An example of a custom trophy

If you need to find a trophy manufacturer, you’re going to need to learn about the company that makes the trophies or other awards, so you don’t waste your money on anything that’s in bad shape. There are quite a few ways to deal with this, and you have to make sure that you’re smart about it. One thing you can do is look up the company name on a search engine and then include the word reviews. That should pull up a few results that give you an idea of what to expect. Try to avoid reviews on the website for the company itself since that will never give you the best idea of what they’re like because they won’t list cons about their company.

As per what one of the top Phoenix trophy shops suggests, you may want to make a sample order so that you can see what the quality of what they make is like. You can also talk with other people to see if they have used a service like this and if they can show you what they got from them. Some coaches, for instance, that work with other teams can be talked to at the next game. If you are not happy with the quality, make sure there’s a way to get your money back before you pay into a company.

Whether you’re a teacher or a sports team coach, there are awards and trophy options for anything. Now that you know how to find out more, you’re going to be able to get what you need. Make sure the price is fair and that the awards look beautiful before you spend your money.

Basic SEO Tips For 2016 – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for some basic SEO tips that can make a real difference to the amount of traffic you obtain from popular search engines such as Google, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to reveal several simple, yet brutally effective tips that will boost your website in the search engines in no time at all – so let’s begin.

Tip 1 – Don’t neglect local search terms

If you’re running virtually any small business that caters to the local community, then it’s a good idea to focus on optimizing your site for local search terms.

Hamish from Canada West IM (a group of Victoria SEO Professionals) makes the point that “While trying to rank for a highly competitive industry keyword term can be very expensive and time-consuming, you’ll often find it much easier and more profitable to rank for a local keyword variation. Not only will this make it simpler to rank your website, but you will also gain better-targeted traffic that will give you a higher conversion rate.”

Tip 2 – Focus on the end-user experience

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to concentrate on the user when it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines. While in years gone past, you could imagine Google as a simple robot, these days it’s best to imagine they are and actual real-life user of your website. With this in mind, you want to make sure your website is well formatted and is easy to navigate.

It’s also worth noting that Google will take into consideration the overall bounce rate of your website, so if people are quickly leaving a website after first arriving, then this could be a surefire sign that your user experience needs to be improved.

Tip 3 – Focus on optimizing for mobile

Research suggests that more people are now browsing the web using mobile devices than standard desktop computers. Regardless of whether this means that using smartphones, iPads, or Chromebooks, there’s no hiding from the importance of optimizing for mobile.

The best way to do this is to use Google’s very own mobile testing feature, which allows you to see how your website looks to a mobile user.

Ultimately, you’ll have to ensure a mobile user’s experience is also impeccable because Google has been known to give a site a mobile ranking penalty if the website does not have a good user experience for the mobile user.


Overall, modern day SEO can be an incredibly competitive and frustrating environment, but if you follow these tips, then you’ll be sure to follow the right path.

For more tips, visit our source at CWIM –

Looking at Mandarin Oriental Condominiums in Las Vegas

mandarin oriental las vegas exterior

Is there any city that does elegance and opulence quite like Sin City? Las Vegas offers a stunning array of options when it comes to elegant living choices, including the ever-popular condo. These popular condos are set right in the CityCenter, Las Vegas’s particular aim at creating an amazing and vibrant urban center that is second to none in the city. When you’re competing with the Strip and Fremont Street, that’s saying something!

Introducing the Mandarin Oriental Condominiums

interior of condoLocated on the top floors of the world famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel (over a 4.8 rating as of this writing), these luxury condos have 225 separate resident units and their private entrance, elevators, and even their lounge. While located in the same building, the area between hotel suites and condos are kept entirely private and separate from one another.

Prices don’t even start until you’re closing in on $700,000 and some of the most lavish units go for as high as $3.5 million, showing the remarkable range between the different condos available. Sizes range from one bedroom to a larger full condo type of setup including multiple rooms and a much wider open area. There should be something that meets your particular tastes.

“These condos very rarely come open in part because of their extreme popularity. The combination of elegance, great service, and fabulous location means that you have a real winner when it comes to Mandarin Condos Because of the popularity of the hotel and CityCenter, there is always something going on just a hop, skip, and a jump from your front door.” Julia Culpepper of points out to anyone looking to buy.

Just a few of the benefits of Mandarin Condos include:

  • Pool and surrounding cabana area
  • Spa
  • Yoga room
  • Lounge
  • Connected to Mandarin’s world famous 5-star restaurant
  • Impressive business and conference centers
  • On-site management and security

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to like everything that Mandarin Condos have to offer, and with CityCenter proving itself to be a fantastic location and vibrantly active area, it is hard to believe that there will be many options shortly, either. These condos are fantastic and offer the full range of services that you would want, in a location that is one of the most favorite spots in all of Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a luxury condo to enjoy the Las Vegas life, then Mandarin Condos is one place you should check out.

Choosing the Best Pet Kennel for Your Dog

If you’re going away on a trip and don’t have anyone that can watch your pet, you’ll have to look into placing them in a kennel. Naturally, you’ll only want the best people caring for your pet, which means you’ll have to choose your kennel with care.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to research local businesses. If you read these tips that we received from LV Dog Hotel, you’ll be able to find a Henderson pet kennel that you’ll be happy with:

This is an actual dog boarding room for dogs that want it all!

This is an actual dog boarding room for dogs that want it all!

Talk to Other Pet Owners

There’s a good chance that someone you know has used a local pet kennel recently. Ask them some questions about their experiences. See if they’d recommend a kennel, or if there’s one that they’d suggest you stay away from. Getting feedback from someone you trust makes it a lot easier to feel good about leaving your pet for a while.

Read Reviews Online

All of the dog boarding kennels in your area should have plenty of reviews written about them online. Take the time to skim through the reviews and see which ones contain useful information.

You don’t have to read every word in every single review; you can just make a point of reading the ones that might be helpful to you. Some sites allow you to organize reviews that other people have flagged as helpful. You could also try searching for words or phrases that are relevant to your needs, like “large dog.” Look for the reviews that will help you make your choice.

Visit Kennels In Person

henderson-dogsIf possible, you should stop by and visit all the kennels you’re considering in person before your trip. You don’t want to realize that you’re not happy with the kennel right before you have to drop your pet off. That’s the sort of thing that could ruin your entire trip.

Take the time to check in and see how you feel about each kennel in advance. It’ll help you to prepare for your journey, and it’ll also make it easier for you to make your final decision.

It isn’t always easy to choose the best pet kennel for your dog. For many people, a dog is a part of the family, and people don’t want to leave their pets anywhere that isn’t safe.

Take the time to find a great kennel and make a choice you’ll feel right about. You’ll be glad that you did the extra research.

Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring One

las vegas personal injury lawyer questions

Personal injuries may occur anytime and anywhere. It may be caused by dog bites, slips and falls, and medical malpractice. In such circumstances, the best person who can help you would be a personal injury lawyer. In Las Vegas you will find some personal injury attorneys. You seriously don’t want to end up spending hundreds or thousands of your hard earned dollars, and lastly, you lose your case. Worse still, you may find yourself being sued for libel or other similar actions by the other party.

However, to fight your case and to ensure that you win, you have to make sure that you appoint the best attorney of the lot.

William Wong of Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas says “Before you hire the services of a personal injury lawyer, you have to remember to ask him certain questions. These will help you understand how good the attorney is at his work and also how experienced he is in dealing with such cases.”

Some of the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer are:

  1. Where did you receive your law degree?
  2. How long have you been practicing with this practice?
  3. What is their relation to the practice? Are they a partner, associate or founder?

Questions regarding your case:

  1. How many years have they worked with cases relevant to yours?
  2. What is their success with winning cases similar to yours?
  3. What are the estimated fees associated with your case type? Do they accept payment plans or can they work with your budget if fees are high?Before you set up an appointment with a personal injury lawyer, ensure to know about his initial consultation fees. Most of such attorneys do not charge any fees from people for the initial consultation.
  4. Are they currently representing anyone else that could interfere with your case? Like an insurance company or another party?
  5. About how long do they normally work cases similar to yours?
  6. Do they have any personal conflicts that would prevent them from fulfilling their commitment as your lawyer if they were hired?
  7. What is the process they recommend taking to get your case resolved? This is one of the most important questions to ask your attorney before you hire his services. Try to find out whether he will be taking your case himself or will he outsource it to someone else. Most law firms tend to outsource some cases to their paralegals if they have too many cases in hand.
  8. Have they worked in the court system in which your case is being presented?
  9. Have they worked cases from the “opponent’s” standpoint to better gain a perspective of your case?
  10. What is their viewpoint on the case result?

Asking your personal injury lawyer questions regarding your case and preparing the proper documents for review will help you to prepare better for the hiring process and to help you choose the best personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. Nothing is more important to your case than finding the right lawyer to work on your case. Getting started early is imperative, so begin your process today by creating your lists and then start interviewing your candidates and you will be assured of winning your case.


Your Las Vegas Guide

“Fabulous Las Vegas” – as it is written at the entrance to the city, really is a great choice! Because of the content this beautiful city offers – from top restaurants, shopping the most prestigious brands and diverse, incredible hotels and dining to exciting entertainment and nightlife, the largest city of the state of Nevada has earned its place as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Las Vegas is no longer just a gambling Mecca.

Every day in Las Vegas can be converted into a brand new trip. You can visit the Caesar’s Palace and The Forum Shops designer fashions, Mandalay Bay sandy beaches and wave pool or premium spa Bellagio. Children and those who feel that way can enjoy the various rides such as Circus Circus, Stratosphere and New York -New York or visit the animals that live in hotels, for example in the Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy and dwellings dolphins at the Mirage or can see a lion at the MGM. Those who want to enjoy the sun can absorb the rays at the pools Hard Rock Hotel, Palms Hotel, Flamingo, and everywhere in between.

For some education on your vacation, the Springs Preserve is a fun way to learn all about the desert that surrounds Las Vegas.


Here are just some of the things you must do while visiting Las Vegas:

1.Street Strip: Magnificent hotels glow in all colors of the spectrum, lights glitter from all sides, the music plays, and fountains show! Thousands of people walking down the street Strip in all directions. The laser beam, visible from space, penetrates the night sky, inviting the whole universe to a party in Las Vegas. And that’s only outside – step into any of the iconic casino resorts along the Strip, you’ll enter a world of fantasy.

2. Best attractions: The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is one of the finest aquariums in the United States. Tower Stratosphere, where you thrill ride X-Scream which leads to the edge of the tower. Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage hotel is home to big cats, dwelling dolphins and rich garden. Art masterpieces at the Hotel Bellagio in Fine Art Gallery.

3. Golf: with more than 60 courses, Vegas is a favored golf destination with spectacular views of the Strip and the surrounding mountains.

4. Gambling: Casinos are open 24 hours a day. If you do not like table games, many offer sports betting, which are equally entertaining.

5. Night Life: from traditional casino and cocktail bars and clubs to dance the night away with DJ’s – Las Vegas offers everything for a great party. Mandalay Bay Hotel, Bellagio Fontana Bar, Viva Las Vegas Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.For those nights when you feel the dance floor calling, go to: MGM Grand, Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas, Rain at the Palms, Risqué at Paris Las Vegas and Ultralounges – the craziest thing to hit the Vegas and LAX at Luxor Hotel or Pure at Caesars Palace.

6. Shows & Events: with more than 100 performances in the city at any time, the world center of entertainment offers infinite possibilities, such as: Cirque du Soleil, with five astonishing, beautiful shows currently running; Musicals as Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, Les Folies Bergere and variety of family shows.